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Seismic Alert: Unusual Activity at Yellowstone - Helium 4, Land Rise and Censored Quake Info | DutchSinse/preppersworldusa

Seismic Alert:


Eyes on the #Yellowstone Caldera as recent activity of Massive Releases of Helium-4 and Quakes being unreported in the region.

With all the activity in CA and South America in recent Weeks could show a precursor to further activity inland.

Stay Prepared.

#SitPrep #Quake

The Latest:

More Unusual “Activity” at Yellowstone Super Volcano! Releasing Thousand More Times Of Helium Steam Than Anticipated

It’s up, up and away for ancient trapped helium at Yellowstone - LATimes
Steam plumes rise above thermal features along the Firehole River at Yellowstone National Park. Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey determined that the famed national park was releasing hundreds — if not thousands — of times more helium than anticipated. (Ken McGee / U.S. Geological Survey )

February 19, 2014 — (TRN) — Some worrying developments are taking place at the Super Volcano located beneath Yellowstone National Park; the kind of developments that were seen shortly before other volcanoes erupted.  Not only was there a sudden rise in the elevation of the ground, and development of new cracks, but a gas called Helium-4, a very rare type of Helium, has begun coming out of the surface.  It is the presence of this gas that has scientists quite concerned.  If the Yellowstone Super Volcano were to erupt, it would be 2,000 times bigger than the eruption of Mount St. Helens in the 1980′s.  Everything within 500 miles would be dead or destroyed within minutes, 2/3rds of the entire United States would be covered in volcanic ash and the climate of the entire planet would cool within a month.  On top of that, just this past week, the largest earthquake in the US took place just a few miles from Yellowstone proving hot magma is on the move.  Here’s what has scientists concerned:
Since late summer 2013, the Yellowstone GPS network has tracked a small ” ground deformation episode” in north-central Yellowstone National Park.
During the past five months, the NRWY GPS station has recorded about 3.5 cm (1.4 in) of uplift (the ground is rising) and about 1 cm (0.4 in) of southeastward ground movement, relative to a stable reference station north of the Park.
Measurements from other GPS stations in northern Yellowstone show smaller displacements, forming a circular pattern of deformation (circular — as in the round mouth of a volcano) consistent with a minor pressurization (building-up underground), about 6 to 10 km (4-6 miles) deep, near Norris Junction.
What has scientists very concerned is that Yellowstone has suddenly begun emitting massive amounts of Helium-4.  Helium-4 seems to be the predictor of activity, as proved with other volcanos.
For instance, as the volcanic island of El Hierro, the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands, rumbled and groaned over the course of seven months in 2011 and 2012, gases silently percolated up through the island’s soil and groundwater.

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3/25/2014 — Yellowstone Magma Chamber Earthquake Swarm — USGS Censoring Activity

Over the past week, several reports have been coming in from viewers, telling me to check the charts in Yellowstone.   People saying the charts are showing UNREPORTED activity on multiple stations across the famous Supervolcano (national park).
Indeed, activity was occurring this past week, but NOT being counted on the USGS public feeds as earthquakes.
Earthquakes at Yellowstone not being reported?  What is this madness?
After checking the actual charts, indeed it is confirmed, there has been earthquake movement GREATER than 2.5M across the area, the charts do not lie……
Here are a couple examples of the activity NOT showing on public feeds as “earthquakes”.. yet clearly some actual movement is occurring : (censored?)


Move forward a few days, now currently March 25, 2014 — after the flurry of UNREPORTED activity — and now the USGS is showing THREE 3.0M+ events over the past 24 hours.
Coming from the Western edge of the Yellowstone Magma Chamber (click to view full size) :

The magma chamber for the supervolcano has been found to extend further West than originally thought.  Confirmed now via subterranean “soundings” taken via ground penetrating RADAR, the chamber extends as far West as the Oregon State Line.
Compare the “reported” 3.0M+ events shown on the charts below, to the charts over the past few days, shown above.
The charts above show similar sized activity.  However no earthquakes were reported at Yellowstone corresponding to the charts above.
This means censorship is occurring at some point.   The earthquakes on the charts earlier this week, were not reported as earthquakes to the public.
Move forward 2-3 days… March 24, 2014 .. THREE earthquakes, greater than 3.0M, now showing on the Yellowstone charts, and also being publicly admitted on the USGS feeds.
3.4M :
3.4M :
3.1M :
Overall, the movement at Yellowstone WAS / IS expected.
Expected?  Yes.
See my earthquake forecast / overview here:
Several areas in the forecast have already been hit:

Multiple earthquake monitoring links can be found here:
earthquake swarm yellowstone march 25 2014

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