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Fukushima workers begin fuel rod removal process - (VIDEO) | NHKWorld/

The operation has begun.

They just need to stay Earthquake Free for the next 13 months.


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Unit 4 Fuel Loaded In Cask At #Fukushima Daiichi

Fukushima workers begin fuel removal process

Workers at the #FukushimaDaiichi nuclear power plant have begun a painstaking operation to remove fuel from a damaged reactor building.

The workers spent more than 3 hours on Monday moving 4 assemblies of unused fuel rods inside the cooling storage pool of the no. 4 reactor building.
They did not lift the assemblies out of the water, but maneuvered them into a separate container underwater in the same pool.

They lifted the material at a speed of one centimeter per second to avoid damage from tiny fragments of debris.

And they used underwater cameras for monitoring.


The workers plan on Tuesday to spend about 9 hours placing 18 more fuel assemblies into the container.
They intend to then hoist the water-filled container -- bearing a total of 22 assemblies -- out of the pool.

Workers will then ensure there are no radioactive leaks and transport the container to another storage pool about 100 meters away.


The pool in the no. 4 reactor building stores 1,533 assemblies of fuel rods. That includes 1,331 highly radioactive assemblies of used fuel rods.

Nov. 18, 2013 - Updated 23:22 UTC


From TEPCO’s press release distributed via email:
“Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 18, 2013-TEPCO announced today that they have started the fuel removal from the Unit 4 spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi NPS. The start of fuel removal from the pool marks an important milestone in the decommissioning work at the site. The extraction work started at 3:18PM and the first fuel completed its extraction from the fuel rack to the cask placed inside the pool at 3:57PM as planned, following thorough safety preparations with the cooperation of many partner companies and individual workers.

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Fukushima workers begin fuel removal process -NHK WORLD English-

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