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Off Grid EV Project: Nissan e-NV200 to be tested in Tokyo/ABB to build #DCFC for Madison — Living LEAF/ABB

e-NV200 to be tested in Tokyo – again — Living LEAF

e-NV200 to be tested in Tokyo – again 

by Ernie Hernandez (LEAFguy) on July 14, 2013
Nissan e-NV200

Testing will provide additional feedback for 2014 launch

We have been writing about the e-NV200 for so long the latest announcement by Nissan of its test with DHL Japan is almost a non-event.
The e-NV200 will be Nissan’s second global electric vehicle (EV) with its commercial launch next year. The e-NV200 uses the LEAF drivetrain, although the chassis is unique to the van. The gasoline version of the NV-200 has already launched in the US. The first time that we wrote a significant story about the e-NV200 was two years ago in July of 2011 (found here). That was also a Japan based test, in that instance with the Japanese postal service. Since then Nissan has worked with several companies globally including British Gas, AEON Retail and Saitama City. This real world feedback is crucial to provide useful information in tailoring the vehicle to meet the needs of the commercial market. Other e-NV200 articles can be found by putting e-NV200 in the search box on the right.
A careful reading of the paragraph above will note that Nissan is now proclaiming this a commercial launch in 2014. We read that to mean that this vehicle will not be available to retail customers, but we will need to investigate this further as this was just announced in Japan on Friday. With one of the largest expenses to fleet operations being fuel, we see the move to EVs as being a potentially sound business decision. Many delivery route type companies have a consistent, predictable driving range that could easily be accommodated by an electric van.

Big news: #DCFC (DC Fast Charger) Coming To MADTOWN - Local Mfg!!!

Electric vehicle Fast charging is coming to Madison. This summer, MGE will install a DC Quick Charger at Kelley's Market at 3859 E. Washington Ave.

Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi i-MiEV drivers will be able to charge their vehicles in 30 minutes or less (up to 80% battery capacity). Currently, it takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to charge a LEAF on a Level 2 (240 volt) charging system.

Other electric vehicles can still use the 26 MGE Level 1 and Level 2 public charging stations located throughout Dane County. At MGE, we install new energy technologies that can serve us today and provide alternatives for our energy future.

The DC Quick Charger is manufactured by ABB in New Berlin, Wis.

To request an access card for the DC Quick Charger, call MGE's Home Energy Line at (608) 252-7117 during business hours (Monday-Friday) or visit to complete an online enrollment form. ChargePoint cards will not work at the DC Quick Charger station. - courtesy Madison Nissan LEAF Owners Group on fb
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ABB’s First US-Based Fast Charger for Electric Vehicles

The first ABB (NYSE: ABB) DC fast charger for electric vehicles in the United States is now installed and operational in New Berlin, Wisconsin.
ABB employs approximately 500 people in Wisconsin, where production for the chargers began in early September.
Called the Terra 51 direct current (DC) fast charger, the unit reduces EV charging times from eight hours to as little as 15 to 30 minutes for CHAdeMO-compatible battery electric vehicles.
“We plan to make this charging station accessible to the general public, so that owners of electric vehicles have local access to quick charging of their cars,” said Cal Lankton, Director of EV Charging Infrastructure.

Vehicle owners will be able to use RFID cards, swipe them through the card reader on the Terra 51 and begin charging. Such fast-charging technology is designed to support electrical vehicles on a commercial basis, so that they can be used for distance travel or for quick “top-offs” during normal use, according to ABB. Additionally, ABB’s chargers can be connected to any charging network or community via the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the widely adopted international open networking standard for charging equipment. -

Direct current electric vehicle fast charger
Terra 51 is compatible with all electric vehicles using the CHAdeMO standard and is the ideal choice when only a single vehicle needs to be charged at any given time. Typical charging times are between 15 and 30 minutes, making the product highly suitable for business and commercial fleet owners, as well as light commercial vehicle fleet owners and utility infrastructure suppliers. -
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