Thursday, April 5, 2012

Quick Question re: Tomato Seedlings

Help! I started tomato seeds inside. They are in an aquarium. They have all fallen over. Is that normal? They're too small to try to tie up with a string. What do?

  • Andre Leger How tall were they before they fell? What type of light source are you using?
  • They were about 2 - 2 1/2 inches tall. I was misting them and they just fell over! They are receivng natural muted lighting. They're in a hall by the front door, so they don't get direct sunlight
  • Use a nylon to tie them up.
  • Andre Leger Most of the time when tomatoes get leggy or stretch, they are not receiving enough Direct Light. I start toms and chiles under full spectrum high intensity fluorescents after they emerge from the soil. Before moving them to Direct Sunlight, the plants need to be "hardened up" by exposing them to short periods of Sunlight and Wind. I'm not sure that you have enough light. Try augmenting the aquarium with a fluorescent on 18-24 hrs/day. As far as the flopped seedlings are concerned, try adding more light. Trussing them when small causes more damage to the stem. Hope this helps.
  • Add a very small amount of soil around the bases to support them.
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  • I agree with Andre. They are stretching for light. Move them into a little more light. Since they are still little they will most likely stand back up on their own. Pushing up the dirt around them, like Paul said, will help too. Then you will want to gradually expose them to the outdoors before planting