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Atlanta store shelves emptied of Bread in "preparation" for Snowpocalypse II - Why We Prep | twitchy/Off Grid Survival

Severe Bread Shortage Alert:

Ahead of #SnowpocalypseII ATL grocery store shelves are cleared of all Bread and Flour related food preps as well as Milk, and Eggs.

OMG!!! We gotta get to the Bread Aisle!!!

Don't be that guy.

Stay Prepared.

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Milk, eggs, and bread are gone from all Atlanta Krogers. Must be some kind of French toast festival going on. @Phil_the_Bucket February 10, 2014
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@wsbtv @BradNitzWSB empty bread shelf...people were fighting. Yes fighting.

The groceries are gone, now Georgians wait for the storm

Posted: Feb 11, 2014 5:57 AM CST Updated: Feb 11, 2014 6:01 AM CST
Empty shelves at Whole Foods in Atlanta, GA as customers prepare for a much anticipated winter storm, February 10, 2014. (Credit: Jordan Hultine/CNN)
Empty shelves at Whole Foods in Atlanta, GA as customers prepare for a much anticipated winter storm, February 10, 2014. (Credit: Jordan Hultine/CNN)
ATLANTA - If you're an Atlantan making a last-minute grocery run, here's hoping you love corn and asparagus. Because that's all that left on most shelves as residents stocked up and hunkered down for what forecasters say will be a massive ice storm.
Gone are the loaves of bread. The quintessential gallons of milk. The cans of beans and the beer.
Just two weeks after a few inches of snow paralyzed Atlanta and embarrassed the state, both residents and government officials say they aren't taking any chances.
"I think we're certainly ahead of the game this time and that's important," Gov. Nathan Deal told reporters Monday. "We're trying to be ready and prepared and react as quickly as possible."
Deal declared a weather-related state of emergency for 45 counties in the state, well before snow, sleet and rain were expected to hit.
The Atlanta Public Schools and a host of other systems across north Georgia announced they would be closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
Even before the first raindrops fell, Jagannathan Santhanam had decided to throw in the towel.
"I will work from home and keep my kids home too," said the software developer. "It was not fun, especially with family members stranded for more than 24 hours in different places during the last storm."
Charles Davidson also opted for a similar strategy.
"My wife and I decided a few days ago that we were going to get groceries early in the day, and we're going to stay in," he said. "We're going to stick around for the next two or three days."
It took Davidson more than 7 hours to get from Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta to his home in Marietta, a northwest suburb.

Atlanta store shelves emptied in preparation for Snowpocalypse II [pics]

‘Twas the night before Snowpocalypse II, and the citizens of Atlanta rushed to stock up on bread and milk before a week of freezing rain, sleet and even snow hits Georgia.

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The bread isle the night before an inch of snow arrives in . http://instagram.com/p/kQHTtYt0EL/

This is Why We Prep - Off Grid Survival

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Hurricane Sandy, and the Superstorm that followed, is a perfect example of why we prep, and why we continue our mission to bring preparedness and preparedness related topics to the unprepared public.

downed power linesFor the over a week, experts warned the public about this storm; in fact, they went out of their way to tell the public how deadly and damaging this storm could become. Sadly, most of their predictions came true; even sadder, are the many lives that were needlessly lost as a result of this storm.

Over the coming weeks, we will likely see even more people die; many of them due to the fact that they failed to take even the most basic of preparedness precautions.
Some areas of the East Coast could be without power and access to food, water, and supplies for a week, maybe longer. Complicating the situation are the millions of people who failed to take these warnings seriously, and now find themselves stuck with limited supplies, no power, and no real timeline on when things will return to normal.
An Epidemic of Unprepared People
If you watched the twitter feeds over the last couple of days, it was pretty pathetic how unprepared most people in this country actually are. Even though they had almost a week to prepare, we read accounts from thousands of people talking about how they “should probably hit the grocery store” just minutes before the storm made landfall.
By that time it was too late. Not only was the storm wreaking havoc on the East Coast, but most of the areas grocery stores had been completely sold out for over 24 – 48 hours. Across the East Coast the scene looked strikingly similar; thousands upon thousands of empty grocery shelves, and millions of people who needlessly put their lives in jeopardy.

Preparedness is a serious topic: a life or death topic. Rushing to the grocery store is not a plan – at least not one that’s going to keep you alive when the Shit Hits The Fan. When something like this happens, the last place you should be is at a grocery store

Preparedness – It’s actually pretty simple.

Without over complicating things, Preparedness is something that almost anyone can do. Your overall preparedness level, and how far you decide to take it, really depends on you. But at the very least, every person should take the following steps to ensure their survival during a time of crisis.
  • THE BASICS: You need to have at least two week’s worth of food, water, and emergency supplies on hand at all times. This means stocking up now, not when the danger is looking you right in the face.
  • Evacuation Planning: You need to have an evacuation plan, and you need to start putting it in place as soon as it looks like you might be effected. If the disaster misses you, well, chalk it up as a mini vacation. If it hits, and you didn’t leave, you might be chalking it up as a permanent vacation. The choice is yours.
  • Emergency Go Bag: ou need a bugout bag filled with everything you and your family needs to survive a disaster, and it needs to be ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • PREPARE NOW:  You need to take preparedness seriously. Despite the Mainstream Medias attempt to make preppers look like a bunch of whackos, the moment something like this happens, those wackos are usually the first ones their unprepared friends and family are calling for help. Stop caring about what others have to say, and start caring about the health and safety of your family.


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