Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scott Walker wins Wisconsin Recall Election; Tom Barrett Defeated

 Well, we did what we could.  Almost 1 million signatures.  Hundreds of Thousands organizing and protesting peacefully at the People's House.  Huge Boots on the Ground get out the vote effort.  Endless supply of Hope and Networking of Like-Minded Positive People.

You know what, at the end of the day it is only your vote and that process is your duty as a citizen to perform.

We have had many elections recently in WI (recalls/otherwise).
Maybe Voter Fatigue, Massive GOP Money advantage, Lies being spewn ALL sides from the Koch Brothers/Pro-Walker PAC's, are factors to David not being able to defeat Goliath, whatever....

I voted.

This is the result.

Wisconsin recall election: More than 1 million signatures were collected in 60 days for a petition to recall Wisconsin’s Republican governor, Scott Walker. The law required the collection of 540,000.

 Scott Walker wins Wisconsin recall election; Tom Barrett defeated - Washington Post

“Democracy died tonight.”
 CNN: voter-cries-over-wi-recall-on-cnn-signaling-death-of-democracy-end-of-usa-as-we-know-it -

Now, for my own personal Sanity and Chi, what would Yoda do?

Thanks Master Yoda!
 Make today as Productive and Positive as you possibly can.  If that doesn't work, try again tomorrow.