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Severe Weather Update: Tornado Levels 2 Schools/Level 1 Emergency - Moore, OK |

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24 Confirmed Fatalities;7 of Which are Students from Plaza Towers school; Moore Medical Center Evacuated; Level 1 State Emergency Issued - CNN/KOCO/Gov Office 20:00 23.5.2013

Huge tornado Levels Local Schools, Reporter decribed area:

"Looks like an Atomic Bomb went Off.  Nothing Left..." near Orr Family Farm Western and Santa Fe  
Plaza Tower School and unnamed school...


Time lapse: Two-mile wide tornado moves over Moore, OK

Posted on: 8:05 pm, May 20, 2013, by , updated on: 08:50pm, May 20, 2013
A tornado bore down near the Oklahoma City metropolitan area Monday afternoon, part of a series of severe storms that struck the Midwest this week.
The meteorologist at KFOR in Oklahoma City said the violent and large tornado had a debris ball up to two and a quarter miles wide around 4:15 EST.
The National Weather Service issued an initial finding that the tornado was an EF-4 on the enhanced Fujita scale, the second most-powerful type of twister.
It was on the ground for more than 20 miles. That tornado eventually dissipated, but the damage left behind was likened to a war zone after an atomic explosion. Concrete slabs marked the spots where houses once stood.

Moore, OK 15.31 20.5.2013

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